Earthquake relief

Langtang village; once a popular tourist destination, got totally destroyed in Nepal’s earthquake. A huge avalanche from the nearby peak Langtang Lirung triggered by the earthquake covered the whole village and killed over 180 people. All remaining people had to be evacuated and living on a ground nearby “yellow Gompa” in Kathmandu now.

Over 450 villages took refuge here now, but conditions are not good. The Main refugees are elderly people, woman & Children; most of the village men perished in the avalanche…….. All refuges wish is to return to their village as soon as possible, but there is no more village and monsoon in approaching soon. For now they will stay on the ‘Yellow Gompa” ground until monsoon ends.
The sanitary situation is very worrying; there are only two toilets for 450 people and they can only temporary use the Gompa’s kitchen. Together with the Everest Summitter's Association we are building a temporary kitchen and more toilets, but more help is needed! For quick relief we are looking for:

Waterproof family style tents or shelters, the shelters they have now will not survive the first monsoon rains
Propane for cooking
Donations for sustainable help


This people are in Kathmandu, it shouldn’t be hard to help them!

We are also busy to come up with a more sustainable solution. Together with the village leaders we are making a plan to relocate this people in the Langtang valley and restore tourism here. This is not only important for the villages, but for all Nepali. Many people find work in the tourist areas and are therefore able to provide their families.

Please contact me if you can help; write me a message on FB or email arnoldcoster@yahoo.com

Fixed Departure
Everest North Duration 52 Days Altitude: 8848m
Group of : 5+
Season: Spring
Price: USD
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Manaslu Duration 35 Days Altitude: 8163m
Group of : 5+
Season: Autumn
Price: USD
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