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Historic steps in the history of mountaineering is going to be initiate by three Nepalese female climber (Maya Sherpa, Pasang Lhamu Sherpa and Dawa Yangzum Sherpa) by climbing Mt. k2 in 2014, 60 yrs cross on July 31, 2014 after the first attempt of K2. So Pakistan is celebrating Diamond Jubilee of K2. Till today only 8 female have successfully ascent but no any Nepalese female till today. K2 is also known as “Savage Mountain” due to high risk and most of the climber have lost their life in K2 due to frequently weather change.
Our Nepalese women team is climbing with a motto “women climbing for climate change” to rise the voice of climate change around the world through the world’s second highest mountain that is K2.


Goal and Objectives of 1st Nepalese women Expedition to Mt.K2 of Pakistan in 2014:

The goal of this project is to become the first Nepali female team of expedition to summit K2 Mountain in order to raise awareness on climate change and raise the fund for Mountain environment.

Objective I: Summit of K2 Mountain by first Nepali women expedition
• Summit of K2 Mountain by first Nepali women expedition on the occasion of 60th anniversary of first ascent of it’s by Italian Climber.
• Promotion of mountain tourism in Nepal
Objective II: Raise the awareness on ever-increasing glacier melting and overarching climate change
• Raise awareness among major stakeholders working in climate change in Nepal .
• Raise international awareness for the impacts of global Climate Change in the Himalaya. Be
Objective III: Connecting top to top (Everest to K2)
• Promote mountain tourism in Nepal
• Promote women’s participation in mountain tourism
• Demonstrate the strength of women and the potential for positive change.

Concept of Climb for climate-1st Nepali Women Expedition to K2
K2 is the second-highest mountain on earth 8611m. This fact, however, doesn’t lessen his attraction: the huge sugar-loaf mountain with its clear lines, ruler over the confusing world of glaciers of the Karakorum range, is said to be the «mountain of mountains», the most beautiful and most challenging 8000m peak.


Fixed Departure
Everest North Duration 52 Days Altitude: 8848m
Group of : 5+
Season: Spring
Price: USD
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Manaslu Duration 35 Days Altitude: 8163m
Group of : 5+
Season: Autumn
Price: USD
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