Team Arrived in Everest-Lhotse Base Camp

When our team arrived in Lobuje the weather finally improved. During our whole trek in the weather was not very nice and didn’t see many views. Normally the acclimatization hike from Dingboche village is just on trails; this time it was all on sow, but nevertheless fun!

From Lobuje we climbed to Lobuje high camp at around 5300m; this is the starting camp for our ascent of Lobuje east 6119m. We planned this ascent to improve our acclimatization on Everest and Lhotse. Lobuje east is a nice snow climb with a surprisingly steep exit.

Our staff brought us wake up tea at 1am in the night and prepared a light breakfast for us. At 2:30am we set off in the pitch black night with our headlamps to guide us. It was a clear and cold night with beautiful stars in the sky. At around 4:30am the first glow off the sun appeared far on the horizon; this is probably one of the most beautiful spectacles nature has to offer and when the first sunrays hit you around 6am; it’s an absolute treat!

Actually the snow witch gave us problems during our trek made the climb up to Lobuje East easier and went much faster as expected. It took only around 4 hours to reach the summit and the descend back to high camp was very easy also. The same day we packed up camp and headed back to Lobuje Village.

From Lobuje village it’s just a 3-4 Hour hike to Everest Lhotse Base Camp and we all reached there at lunch time. Our Master Chef “Sukra Tamang” prepared a delicious lunch for us. Our Base camp is at an excellent location far away from the “grazyness” off other teams, it’s like we are the only tem up here!

Today we spend our first full day in the camp: organizing, taking Showers, and washing Clothes etc. The next days will be easy; some rope practice on the glacier, our group Puja etc. until we are ready to move higher on the mountain.


Arnold Coster Expedition leader

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Everest North Duration 52 Days Altitude: 8848m
Group of : 5+
Season: Spring
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Manaslu Duration 35 Days Altitude: 8163m
Group of : 5+
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