Team Arrived in Kathmandu

Team Members:

Arnold Coster, the Netherlands
Ngatenji Sherpa, Nepal

Team Lhotse 8516m
Ritchie Maybank, Uk
Urs Jaggi, Switserland
Frank Irnich, Germany (also climbs Everest)
Kami Sherpa, Nepal
Pasang Sherpa, Nepal
Mingma Sherpa, Nepal (also climbs Everest)

Team Everest 8848m
Jerry Gladh, Sweden
Moulay Abbas, Mauritania
Eric Arnold, the Netherlands
Mark van den Berg, the Netherlands
Frank Irnich, Gemany (also climbs Lhotse)
Nima Dorchi Sherpa, Nepal
Tendi Sherpa, Nepal
Mingma Sherpa, Nepal (also climbs Lhotse)
Mingma Dorchi Sherpa, Nepal
Ang Nurbu Sherpa, Nepal

Fixed Departure
Everest North Duration 52 Days Altitude: 8848m
Group of : 5+
Season: Spring
Price: USD
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Manaslu Duration 35 Days Altitude: 8163m
Group of : 5+
Season: Autumn
Price: USD
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