"… in off-road locations, whether in the desert or jungle, to extreme environments atop mountains, you need the best and most reliable equipment …"

Xtra-Link is all about life on the edge. When you are off the beaten track, Xtra-Link provides cutting edge satellite and radio communication solutions that make the difference.

Servicing relief agencies, peace organizations, broadcasters, transport and government agencies all around the globe,  Xtra-Link has a team of telecom specialists who can design and implement the most reliable communications systems in the most extreme conditions.

"… E.T. would have used Xtra-Link …"

In the heart of the French Alps Eider has been working since 1962 to bring together a passion for mountain sports, a knowledge of textiles and a constant search for innovation in a style that is unique and modern. Following in the footsteps of our founder, a tailor, today all of our collections come to life in our workshop in Annecy, where they are all imagined, designed, “patterned” and conceived. Our complete control over the chain between research and development, along with permanent communication with our athletes, technical advisors, clients and providers, means that we are still pushing boundaries, year after year. Our mission: to offer to all those who ski in the mountain, who love Outdoor activities and who are inspired by the Mountain, technical solutions for their most demanding needs and functional and versatile clothing; and to offer our knowledge as well as our fashionable, technical clothing to as many people as possible.

SCARPA is currently a world leader in the production of mountain shoes offering a 360° range. The company currently produces the following lines: Telemark, Alpine Skiing, High Altitude (plastic materials) and Mountain, Hiking-Trekking, Outdoor-Walking-Travel and Climbing. 

There are a lot of sleeping bags on the market, but none are like ours:

Handmade in Germany.


We all know that a home-cooked meal tastes better than eating at a canteen, hence:

„Quality over quantity.“


The finest selected ingredients, craftsmanship and know-how define

all YETI-Sleepingbags.

Since Osprey was founded in 1974, every single product design bearing the Osprey name has passed through the hands of owner and founder Mike Pfotenhauer, undergoing relentless scrutiny. From stitching the first lines of custom-fitted packs, to meticulously designing innovative products with intuitive features, to forging personal relationships with the sewing operators who construct the packs, Mike has been the unbreakable thread that makes Osprey a company like no other.

Mike says his innovative designs and commitment to top-notch manufacturing shows in every product, even, or especially, decades later. “Osprey is, in large part, about exceptional relationships,” says Mike. “Between the pack and its wearer. The pack and its makers. The company and its staff.” He continues, “So many of our staff have been with the company for decades. It shows how fervently we believe in our process and products. The All Mighty Guarantee proves it.” No wonder there’s such a close relationship between the words “Osprey” and “quality”. You could say it’s a lifetime commitment.

SKYLOTEC is the comprehensive full-range supplier for fall protection – for industry and for climbing and mountaineering:

The SKYLOTEC range contains everything you need for industrial Professional Protective Equipment (PPE) against fall from heights and for permanent fall protection – like harnesses, ropes, carabiners, descender devices, height safety devices, anchor devices, climbing safety ladders, anchor devices, protective clothing, and much more.For mountaineering, SKYLOTEC offers climbing harnesses, ropes, carabiners, accessories, and clothing.

The high-performance and innovative products are all developed and manufactured in Germany. The products are certified and conform to international industrial safety and sport requirements.

Fixed Departure
Everest South Duration 60 Days Altitude: 8848m
Group of : 5+
Season: Spring
Price: USD
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Lhotse Duration 54 Days Altitude: 8516m
Group of : 5+
Season: Spring
Price: USD
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